Sunday, 11 April 2010

Wow Well Hi...

Well it has been some time since i last blogged..The diet failed! But thats not why i'm doing a blog.
I'm acutally blogging to tell you all about my how my film is going.
Currently its on a break, due to the easter hols & not being able to get hold of a camera.
So far i have done one days filming which went really well.
My camera man Ian was brilliant as ever long with my ever so brilliant sound man Andy.
We got the shots in the house we needed & started onto the interview with Ian F.
Incase you don't know about my film its the story of Ian Finney, from aberdeen who has been deaf since age 3. Its about his life, his hearing dog Cinders & the amazing charity 'Hearing Dogs for the deaf'.
With one day of shooting done we only have 2/3 more days left of filming.
We are filming in the studio at college, a local beach and a forrest.
Lets hope they all go to plan:)
Also apart from my film i am also working on a few private projects, which i am hoping i can start within the next few days i will keep you up to date on them and the film:)
Bye for now

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