Sunday, 6 December 2009

Elliot Minor, MeVsHero & FranKo

On the 26th of November i went to see Elliot Minor, MeVsHero & FranKo at aberdeen's warehouse. It has taken me 2 years to see Elliot Minor and it was worth the wait.

I had been to the warehouse the month before to see good friends of mine 'The Gap Year Riot' so i knew the layout of the venue. I went with my friend Clare. We arrived at the venue around 6 o'clock and we didnt get in until just after 7.30. We made our way to the very front so we were at the barrier. I was not missing this for anything!.

At around 7.40-7.50 the first band london based FranKo came on. I didnt know much of their songs but that didnt stop me having a good time. I had to interview them after the gig too. These guys have a good stage presents, with Tommy on vocals, Richard on guitar, Chris on bass and Beau on drums, they work well together as a band. I can see these guys going far.

We had a 10-15 min break before MeVsHero came on. I knew some of the track they played and really enjoyed their set. It had taken me a year to see these guys and they didnt let me down. After losing their band mate and best friend Alex over a year ago, this band have gone from strength to strength and this shows in their set. With Sam on vocals, Ross on guitar, Pook on guitar, Booth on bass and Oli on drums they work very well together to produce their punk/pop/harcore songs.

Lastly after MeVsHero came Elliot Minor, who where AMAZING!!! This 2 year wait was so worth it. Alex held my hand and sung part of 'Discover' to me. Im not 100% sure on their play list but i know they played 'Discover' 'White one is evil' 'Jessica' 'Parrell Worlds' & more. I agree with everyone that says these guys just light up the stage coz they do. Ed M, Alex , Dan, Ali & Ed H make me wanna watch them over and over again. They bounce around the stage, blast out guitar riffs, drum beats, keyboard and bass riffs that are catchy you cant help but like them, and their lyrics are simple and catchy so you end up singing them.

Once the gig was over we met Sam from MeVsHero. They were staying with Clare & Myself at hers. We left them to get the van packed up and went to go interview FranKo, The interview was good and entertaining...I just didnt have anything to record it on so i hope that i've remember everything they have said. Thanks to them and their manager Chris for the interview.

Once that interview was over we went to go find the rest of MevsHero but they were still in the venue but we did meet their driver and friend Jon, we sat in their van for a bit talking and watching Alan partridge. After a while Pook, Ross & Booth came into the van to rest of a bit. Sam & Oli stayed in the venue for a bit longer as they went to the after party with Elliot Minor.

Clare & I got out the van with Jon and headed over to a barrier at the back where there was a group of people sat on the floor, after a few seconds Clare noticed that Ed H was sat within the group. He got up to meet us and some other fans. I got my picture taken with him and he signed my ticket. A few mins went by and Dan H came out, we spoke to him for a few mins, he also signed my ticket and got a picture with me. I saw Ali paul coming out but he was busy talking to people so we didnt get to meet him. Half an hour went by and i was still outside with Clare waiting to meet Alex & Ed M. Jon went inside to pull the rest of MeVsHero out to meet us. Like he said he'd talk to Alex. Alex came out with him and Ed M. I got my picture taken with Alex, he signed my ticket and my shoe. He also gave me a huge hug and kiss on the head. I think im in love with him. I finally got to meet Ed M too. He told me that he saw me in the crowd & I looked bored...I wasnt! i was in shock after Alex sung to me. He gave me a hug, signed my shoe & ticket too.

I then got one last hug from Ed H, Alex & Ed M before they had to go back inside.
I want to thank them all for an amazing night and i will deffo go see them again!

Once that was over Clare & I headed back to hers for a bit to get jumpers and drop off stuff before we headed back to pick the guys up from MeVsHero. They drove to Clare's but we couldnt find a space so they finally found a place to park. We had Oli & Sam staying with us. We didnt get to bed until 6 for Sam, Clare & I talking and carrying on.

I want to say a HUGE thank you to all the bands, Clare for letting us stay and Alex for being so hot!

Phew thats over! Thanks to anyone that takes time to read this lol

Sundays & Christmas

Sunday have to be the most boring day of the weekend. The TV is always rubbish and there is never anything to do. Currently to stop me being very bored im doing college work. I mean college work on a sunday, how boring is this!..Well im not totally bored yet.

I also hate this time of year as i think christmas starts far to early, i saw my first christmas advert in august a whole 4 month before christmas...whats that all about. Christmas has lost its spark i think. What ever happened to it being special, it being all about getting up early so you might see Santa...all gone..maybe its just my age.

Enough of me waffling on. Im gonna post a blog about when i went to see Elliot Minor. I will post that after this one.

I don't know if anyone even reads this...not sure if this is pointless but ill keep it going for a bit longer.

Thursday, 3 December 2009


This is the first time i've ever had a blog. So i hope that people will come read it. It may not always be fun but i will try my best. For people that don't know me, I'm Natalie, 21 years old from Aberdeen, Scotland. I'm studying TV broadcasting at Aberdeen college which is a good laugh and i get to learn amazing things.

As this is my first blog i wanna talk about college. Today we had a meeting with some guy from MCPS (Music copyright people) which was intresting but since most of us had covered in it in law we were a bit bored. After that we went back to editing to work on an editing piece then it was home time.

I hate bus rides home...they are always bloody slow and you always have people chatting away or playing their music so fucking loud!. I dont want to hear about what betty next door says or your music so please keep it down!.

Thats my exciting blog for now....