Thursday, 22 April 2010

Filming update

As i am bored at the mo i thought i would update this blog.
I said in the last blog that i would be filming my film over 2/3 days that has now been cut down to 1 day filming at the forrest and possibly one day in the studio if i can find someone to do some sign lanauge for it. If i cant then i will just have 1 day left to film things in.
If i drop the signer i will only have to add subtitles to the film once it is edited.
Editing will start on monday, I am rather looking forward to getting some of the shots edited.
Other than this film i am also working on 3 films for my 2nd year.
I have a 3 mintue wonder, which i am still trying to find something to do.
I have 2 facutal programmes. One idea i have is to do something regarding Bi-Polar and the 2nd idea is about Northern Soul.
Also atleast once a week i am going to blog about a documentary/film/short story ect that i have been watching during the week and give my views on it.
Until then, Bye
Natalie x

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