Thursday, 22 April 2010

My day out

Here is a wind farm up beside Aberlour, I had not seen these up this close until then so i thought i have to take a picutre. As i said these are not the best as they are taken on my phone.

This was taken at a waste site. This site was used for the waste of the whiskey once it is distilled and ready to be put on sale. I found this rather intresting...Whiskey tour anyone....haha

This is a great view of the north sea coming into Buckie, Pitty is was taken from behind the fence.

This is a great view of the surrounding mountains not far from Aberlour. I did try to get a picture of a mountain with some snow on it but it was too far away when dad was driving.

This finally one is the view on the drive beautiful is that!

Thats my pictures, please feel free to comment on them or any of my blogs.
until next time
Natalie x


My last post got me thinking, now i am crap at taking pictures but i think will upload some pictures as the weeks go on. I have always said that i wanted to take a picture everyday and write about it so here is where i will do it.

I am going to post some pictures i acutally took yesterday while out & about Aberdeenshire/Keith/Portsoy & more.
I will post them in another blog.
Natalie x

Filming update

As i am bored at the mo i thought i would update this blog.
I said in the last blog that i would be filming my film over 2/3 days that has now been cut down to 1 day filming at the forrest and possibly one day in the studio if i can find someone to do some sign lanauge for it. If i cant then i will just have 1 day left to film things in.
If i drop the signer i will only have to add subtitles to the film once it is edited.
Editing will start on monday, I am rather looking forward to getting some of the shots edited.
Other than this film i am also working on 3 films for my 2nd year.
I have a 3 mintue wonder, which i am still trying to find something to do.
I have 2 facutal programmes. One idea i have is to do something regarding Bi-Polar and the 2nd idea is about Northern Soul.
Also atleast once a week i am going to blog about a documentary/film/short story ect that i have been watching during the week and give my views on it.
Until then, Bye
Natalie x

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Wow Well Hi...

Well it has been some time since i last blogged..The diet failed! But thats not why i'm doing a blog.
I'm acutally blogging to tell you all about my how my film is going.
Currently its on a break, due to the easter hols & not being able to get hold of a camera.
So far i have done one days filming which went really well.
My camera man Ian was brilliant as ever long with my ever so brilliant sound man Andy.
We got the shots in the house we needed & started onto the interview with Ian F.
Incase you don't know about my film its the story of Ian Finney, from aberdeen who has been deaf since age 3. Its about his life, his hearing dog Cinders & the amazing charity 'Hearing Dogs for the deaf'.
With one day of shooting done we only have 2/3 more days left of filming.
We are filming in the studio at college, a local beach and a forrest.
Lets hope they all go to plan:)
Also apart from my film i am also working on a few private projects, which i am hoping i can start within the next few days i will keep you up to date on them and the film:)
Bye for now