Saturday, 2 January 2010

New Year Resolutions

As its the start of 2010 it got me thinking about my New Year's resolutions. To be honest i had not made any!

So i thought for a little bit and i've come up with this list so far.

1. To lose weight! (i am a tad fat! )
2. To stop swearing so much (shh dont tell the rents)
3. To be a nicer person.
4. To have more patience.
5.To pass my HNC & get my HND course!
6. To have a laugh more!( i think im too serious)
7. To blog more.
8. To be more confident
9. Enjoy life more!
10. Watch more DVDs

(i will add more as i find more)

So thats my little list...


Natalie X

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